How To Take Long Screenshot On Realme

Realme has great features of taking a screenshot of long screens. In this guide, we will introduce you about the brand new feature of Realme mobile phone. The Long Screen feature has come when Realme X launched and this feature is now available on all the Realme mobile phones.

4 Steps Process To Take Long Screenshot On your Realme Mobile

  1. Go to a long screen like settings or a web page on your Realme mobile phone.
  2. Take a screenshot as usual you take, it can be three-finger swipe, 2 button screen capture method or smart sidebar screenshot.
  3. Once screenshot preview appeared on your mobile screen, you will see the long screen option on the bottom right of the screenshot preview, just click on that option.
  4. Now drag the screen the photo and set the screenshot area according to your need.

This feature can help you to capture a blog or a web page by a single click. This feature is not available on lots of other brands and also this is the feature of PC and Laptop screens. So according to our research on mobile phone features, this is the biggest developed feature for Taking Long Screenshot.

What is the usage of Long Screenshot

  • If you are an enthusiastic person who has an interest in reading blogs then you just take a screenshot of the whole blog in a single image and read it after leaving the webpage also.
  • To capture an important document, if there is not a download option available.
  • To capture and website design for further examples in the future.
  • If you make some videos on mobile phone features then you can take a long screenshot for further lectures.


Which type of screen can I capture by long screenshot feature?

You can capture a long screenshot of any of the screen which is long in size from your mobile screen. It can be mobile features screen like settings, contacts, call logs etc, it can be web pages like blogs, services, social media etc.

How this feature enables on my mobile?

To take a long screenshot on your mobile you don’t need to change any setting. The option enables already you just need to take a screenshot as usually, you take and then click of the long screen.

What If, I don’t need a long screenshot?

No worry, this feature is an additional feature with a screenshot, you can take the only screenshot and need not to click on the long screen option, leave those options as it is.

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