How To Take Screenshot On Realme – Realme Features Guide

The four ways of taking Screenshot on Realme Mobile Phones are here to enhance your experience of operating a smartphone. You will be surprised by identifying these all features of Realme mobile phones because nobody gives this much of feature on a budget mobile phone.

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4 Ways to take a screenshot on Realme

  • Screen Capture With Button Press
  • Fancy Three Fingers Swipe Style
  • Smart Assistive Ball Screen Capture Method
  • Smart Sidebar Screen Capture

Screen Capture With Button Press

The pretty much simple and traditional way to take a screenshot on a smartphone and this time in your Realme mobile phone. This method is quite simple and you don’t have to disturb any mobile phone setting before doing it.

The correct way to take a screenshot through buttons is done by holding the mobile phone with both hands. Put one hand finger on the lock/power button and another hand finger on volume down button. And now go to the screen which you want to capture.

To capture screen press both the buttons same time together, now you will see the popup of your screen capture appears on the screen. You can now edit this picture as you want or you can share it to any social media, email and messenger platform.

Power Button + Volume Down Button

Fancy Three Fingers Swipe Style


Now the easiest one but a very comfortable method to all the latest smartphone users and for you to all the Realme users. Realme is not a high range mobile phone, this is a budget mobile phone and especially build for the middle-class community. But to avail, the feature of “Three finger swipe screenshot was not big deal for the CEO and founder of Realme.


As we see the previous method of taking a screenshot was quite easy and there was no need to change any settings. But to enable this feature, you must have to change some settings if your Realme smartphone is new. You have to follow a certain process to enable this feature on your phone and the process is following…

Setting>>Convenience Tool>>Gestures & Motions>>3-Finger Screenshot>>Enable

Smart Assistive Ball Screen Capture Method


As we are discussing a lot of special features of all Realme Mobile phones, Realme has a bunder of shortcut features by which the phones become more convenient and accessible.

Assistive ball on Realme Mobile phones is a drag ball on the screen by which we can access lots of features by simply pressing it.

So to enable the Assistive Ball on our Realme Mobile home screen.

Setting>>Convenience Tool>>Assistive Ball>>Enable Assistive Ball

After enabling the assistive Ball on your Realme Mobile phone, a drag ball appear on your mobile phone screen. Now, you need to change one more setting which will be in the same setting option.

Setting>>Convenience Tool>>Assistive Ball>>Tap Menu

Now you can tap on the assistive ball anytime and access the screenshot option form it and you can now capture the mobile phone screen anytime by just tapping the assistive ball.

Smart Sidebar Screen Capture


One more option to enhance your Realme Mobile phone accessing experience is “Smart Sidebar” by which you can capture your screen anytime by just one swipe on the corner of your mobile phone screen.

Also, to enable this feature you have to change one setting on your mobile phone. Go to the below-mentioned option and enable the Smart Sidebar.

Setting>>Convenience Tool>>Smart Sidebar>>Enable Smart Sidebar

And disable the option “Use the sidebar only in landscape mode” which will be below the option of Smart Sidebar.

Now you see a small ribbon type long shadow at the right corner of your screen, it is just beside power button of your Realme mobile phone. Swipe it towards left and you can now able to choose such options on your mobile screen. Choose the screenshot option and capture your screen.

Realme provides its users to take a long screenshot, which is useful for capturing the whole blogs and any webpage.

Long Screenshot Method

  1. Go to the screen which you want to capture.
  2. Take the screenshot by any of the above-mentioned methods.
  3. Now, you will see a popup of the screenshot and there will be long screenshot option appear now.
  4. Choose the long screenshot option and choose the size of the screenshot.


  1. I have Realme 1 and I bought this phone in 2018, Will I have these options or not?

If your mobile phone has an original OS of Realme colour OS then you will have these options definitely. You just have to upgrade your mobile phone from time to time when it asks to upgrade.

2. Will the battery of my phone drain by enabling all these features on my Realme Phone?

No, these all don’t affect your mobile phone battery, you can enjoy these features without any battery drain fear.

3. How can I record my Realme mobile phone screen?

This option is available at 3 places but the easiest one is on Smart Sidebar option.

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