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Realme U1 Charging Time – Realme Best Battery Mobile Phone

Aaj you know Realme is the father of best budget mobile phone in India. And according to my experience, the Realme U1 battery backup is great. The charging time of this mobile phone is a little longer but the overall battery performance is good.

How much time Realme U1 takes to full charge

It takes 2 hours & 24 mins for 100% Charging from 0%. The charging time is a pain point of this phone, which is slightly the worst thing for this phone.

But the battery backup of Realme U1 is far batter in this price range. As compared to the other mobile phones.

Realme U1 competitor Battery Charging Time

Redmi Note 7 – 4000 mAh – 2h 15 min.

Realme U1 – 3500 mAh – 2h 24min.

Realme 3 – 4230 mAh – 2h 59 min.

Redmi Note 6 Pro – 4000 mAh – 2h 15min.

Oppo K1 – 3600mAh – 2h 15min.

Redmi Note 7 Charging Time

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This phone comes with 5v. and 2.4 amp charger and the question is how long it takes to fully charge. it is based on your using style, if you are the caretaker of your mobile phone and you love your Redmi note 7 then it takes the usual time which is mentioned above. So it depends on the user, but the usual time of fully charging for Redmi Note 7 is only 2h 15min because this phone does not come with a fast-charging option. In comparison to Realme 3, this phone will give you a better charging experience. Except Realme 3, there are almost all the mobile phone are giving the same charging experience, so if you are considering the charging time for your next buying mobile phone then this mobile phone is a good option for you.

Realme U1 Charging Time

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This phone comes with 5v. and 2 amp charger and doesn’t support fast charging. But when we compared it, in terms of battery drain then it took a longer time than above mentioned mobile phones which are coming at the same price. Let’s check out all the position charging time of Realme U1

Realme 3 Charging Time

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It has a fast-charging option but if you will charge it without using it. Avoid using the handset when you will charge it. Realme 3 battery capacity is 4230 mAh and its charger comes with 10W. The fast charging takes usual timing as compared to the above mentioned mobile phones. But is gives fast charging in starting and in between charging.

At this time we will not be talking about the rest of the mobile phones due to the performance. These 3 mobile phones are giving better performance in comparison with the rest of the mobile phones.

So, these are the comparison of Realme U1 competitor’s battery charging. The result comes after the test is “Realme is taking average time to full charge. But again I want to tell you one thing “Realme is the good battery backup mobile phone.”

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